Tuesday, January 4, 2022

TouchAppCreator v4.4

New features:

1. Preview web app in different device's frame (iPad only)

2. Customize the content's width (control page margin)

3. Reset style (alignment and font) for the whole page or web app

4. Show text statistics (# of nouns, verbs, etc.) by paragraph, markdown, page and web app

5. Import Blogger: add published date to the content

6. Embed YouTube playlist

7. Support WebP image file

8. Web app style UI enhancement

9. Fix bug for keyboard shortcuts (copy, cut, paste)

10. Bug fix

Monday, November 29, 2021

WidgetGrid - No-code Platform for iOS widgets on home screen

WidgetGrid is a new way to turn Google Spreadsheets into data-driven widgets on the home screen. You can start from templates to create widgets. You can edit your data in spreadsheets and customize the design of all kinds of widgets in WidgetGrid.

You can download WidgetGrid for FREE via App Store: 


Here is demo video:


  • Choose from layouts: Grid View, List View, Card View, Chart View
  • Start from templates: Project Tracker, Class Attendance, etc.
  • Start from your own spreadsheets
  • Change style including background color, background image, font style, font size, font color, alignment, and line limit
  • Support all kinds of widgets: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Tap item in widget to show item detail or any links that defined in item record
  • Change mapping of data from widget components to column within spreadsheet
  • Launch spreadsheet to edit source data
  • Edit title and item records, and then synchronize the update back to spreadsheet
  • Support line chart, bar chart, pie chart and doughnut chart

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.3

New features:

1. Publish web app online using Static.app

2. Bug fix

Monday, July 26, 2021

Publish your web apps online

There is a new service called Static.app which provides one-click solution for static website: just drag-n-drop zip file. It is super easy to publish web app generated by TouchAppCreator online using Static.app for FREE.

How to host your web app using Static.app:

1. Open TouchAppCreator to export web app as zip file 
2. Go to Static.app and create an account if you do not have
3. Upload zip file
4. Change title (also change subdomain if you want)
5. Finally, browse web app

Here is the demo:

If you want to use custom domain, you can consider to join Static.app's yearly plan or monthly plan.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.2

New features:

1. Option to delete custom font files in web app (app style -> custom font files)

2. Size Picker: pick recent used size from history 

3. Import Blogger: support embedded youtube video & import xml content (backup from blogger)

4. Bug fix

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.1

New features:

1. Transcribe audio file or audio recording into text (support different languages)

2. Specify language preference for transcription (Speech Recognition)

3. Suggest image's caption and alternative text using Image Labeling with AI

4. Audio Settings: image is allowed for button view (button is placed in the middle of image)

5. Use markdown for footnote's content

6. New color picker for iOS 14

7. New photo picker for iOS 14

8. Drag web app item to open new window for iPad

9. Bug fix

Saturday, January 30, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.0

New features:

1. Support new widgets: show your favorite web app or recent web apps on home screen

2. Audio can be hidden

3. Add link to audio in paragraph

4. Search and import GIF from Tenor

5. Support GIF better

6. Generate or preview web app directly in web app list (swipe right or long press)

7. Configure default footer and description in preference (default app information)

8. Bug fix