Wednesday, May 26, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.2

New features:

1. Option to delete custom font files in web app (app style -> custom font files)

2. Size Picker: pick recent used size from history 

3. Import Blogger: support embedded youtube video & import xml content (backup from blogger)

4. Bug fix

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.1

New features:

1. Transcribe audio file or audio recording into text (support different languages)

2. Specify language preference for transcription (Speech Recognition)

3. Suggest image's caption and alternative text using Image Labeling with AI

4. Audio Settings: image is allowed for button view (button is placed in the middle of image)

5. Use markdown for footnote's content

6. New color picker for iOS 14

7. New photo picker for iOS 14

8. Drag web app item to open new window for iPad

9. Bug fix

Saturday, January 30, 2021

TouchAppCreator v4.0

New features:

1. Support new widgets: show your favorite web app or recent web apps on home screen

2. Audio can be hidden

3. Add link to audio in paragraph

4. Search and import GIF from Tenor

5. Support GIF better

6. Generate or preview web app directly in web app list (swipe right or long press)

7. Configure default footer and description in preference (default app information)

8. Bug fix

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

MingKi - The fastest way to send notifications

MingKi is an urgent request messaging app for anyone who needs help from their family and friends. It is specifically designed for elderly people, dementia patients and those who are not familiar with smartphone. When they just tap a button, the corresponding contacts will receive notifications and then go to help them immediately.

  • Minimal Interface: there are just buttons on the screen. For the sender, just tap a button and a message is sent.

  • The color, text and text color on the button can be customized.

  • Description can be added to the button for further explanation which is optional.

  • The contacts can be assigned to each button to receive notification and message.

  • Location can be shared when sending messages.

  • Contacts can be added by scanning QR code.

Check this out:

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

OneEdit Pro v3.4: Batch Edit, Filter, Merge & Upload Photos

OneEdit makes batch image processing, filtering, merging & uploading easier. OneEdit executes multiple editing and exporting tasks on multiple photos at ONE time.

New features:

1. Edit original filename & title: 
- before executing batch job
- before uploading
- in history

2. Consistent UI for changing original filename or title

3. Grouping: 
- group photos by setting number of photos for each group
- execute merge tasks (merge to pdf, merge to montage, generate animated gif, generate zip) on each group, e.g. merge to pdf for each group instead of all photos

4. Reordering:
- sort photos by original filename, title, file size, width and height

5. Image overlay interface
- scale image to position smaller logo more accurately
- editing handle is hidden if logo is too small in order to move logo easier

6. Place ordering number on the image

7. Better date time format for filename and text overlay

8. Select background or image overlay from Unsplash and Flickr

9. Instant preview of rotate task

10. Bug fix

Monday, August 24, 2020

TouchAppCreator v3.9

New features:

1. Rich Text Editor: option to choose paste as plain or html

2. Insert audio and video to Rich Table

3. Insert audio and video to Question

4. Instant Preview in Markdown Editor (iPad & Mac)

5. Instant Preview in HTML Editor (iPad & Mac)

6. More keyboard shortcuts for question and slideshow

7. External Widget can be hidden and launched via link

8. Scan Document: support images

9. UI Refinement

10. Bug fix

Saturday, June 20, 2020

New way to distribute book widgets

Creative Book Reader v1.5 supports playing book widgets generated by Creative Widget Builder now. 

You can distribute your widgets as zip files. Your audience can download Creative Book Reader for free and play your widgets. 

Both Creative Widget Builder and Creative Book Reader can be installed on Mac, iPad & iPhone.