1. Why can't I connect to your FTP server ?

The common problem is the path which must be full path. And username, password, or path should be case-sensitive. You can try to use browser to connect to your ftp server (type ftp://<FTP Server>) to browse folders to identify the full path in location bar. If you still cannot connect to your FTP server, please email us and we will provide FTP Server for your testing.

2. How can I import videos from Desktop ?

You can import videos to default photos app via iTunes (check "include videos" option). Only MP4 and M4V videos can be imported. AVI videos can be converted to M4V videos using QuickTime Player. Here are the steps:
  • Use QuickTime Player to open video. There is an action icon on the player control (next to enlarge screen icon), tap this icon, select "iTunes", there is a dialog saying "Save your movie to iTunes", then select iPhone & iPod.
  • After a while, there is a new file in iTunes' movies. 
  • Drag this file to a folder, say "test_video". Until now, iTunes converted it to iPhone's video version. 
  • Select your device in iTunes, choose "Photos", then choose selected folders and check "Include Videos" 
  • Select "test_video", then sync. 
  • It will appear in default photos app after synchronization is completed. 
  • Finally, you can add this video to TouchAppCreator.

3. I have bought new iPad / iPhone, how do I migrate my content from old iPad / iPhone to new iPad / iPhone ?

Please refer to Content Migration Between Devices (http://gettouchappcreator.blogspot.com/2014/03/content-migration-between-devices.html)