Thursday, June 16, 2016

Build Your Own Widgets

We are so excited to launch Creative Widget Builder app to let anyone build amazing widgets. All the generated widgets are easily imported into your apps. CWB also works with TouchAppCreator, iBooks Author and Creative Book Builder.

At the first launch, CWB supports 5 types of widgets: Flash Card, Fill In The Blank, Matching Question, Sorting Question, and Interactive Image. Each widgets can be customizable in many ways. For more details, please visit CWB home page:

Why Creative Widget Builder?

CWB generates widget file with extension "wdgt" that is based on iBooks Widgets. It makes your widgets portable and reusable. You can focus on widget building on CWB and reuse widgets within apps. You can also play widgets within CWB directly by switching to play mode.

It is just beginning. We will add more widgets in the future release. Please suggest us your favorite widgets on our forum.

How to insert widget into TouchAppCreator? (Please update the latest version of TouchAppCreator)

1. Open widget in CWB
2. Tap action button to select Open In...
3. Select TouchAppCreator
4. Go to CBB, widget is saved to Resources Library
5. Go to the page, tap Resources Library, select the widget
1. Go to the page in TouchAppCreator
2. Tap + button and then select External Widget
3. Select one of the cloud services
4. Select widget zip file
5. Tap import button to import the file

Sunday, May 8, 2016

TouchAppViewer v1.3

New Features:

1. Delete multiple items

2. Sort items

3. Search items by keywords

TouchAppCreator v2.8

New features:

1. New Element: Shapes (rectangle, circle, ellipse, star, etc.)

2. New Element: Checklist (list item with checkbox)

3. New Element: Rich Table (more customized table with images)

4. New Element: Table Of Contents

5. Add screen recording to explain everything within the app (for iOS 9 only)

6. Trim video

7. Change font style

8. Add custom font

9. Default alignment and font settings

10. Import external widgets

11. View trash of all web apps in one interface

12. Fix image editor issues

Monday, October 5, 2015

TouchAppCreator v2.7

New features:

1. Speed up the process of updating web app to Google Drive (only upload modified files)

2. Insert embed html or iframe element

3. Embed Google Forms easier

4. Create 360 degree image slider

5. Support panorama image

6. Generate zip file of web app files for easier distribution

7. Import zip file of web app files

8. Allow more than one slideshow on the same page

9. Photo Picker Enhancement: group by day, month, year, size, and orientation, list view with detail information

10. Add True & False Question quickly

11. Marker is added on map

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TouchAppCreator v2.6

New features:

1. Import posts from Evernote

2. Import posts from Blogger

3. Import posts from WordPress

4. Import content from RSS feed

5. Convert PDF to slideshow

6. Copy and paste pages (tap and hold)

7. Access shared folder of Google Drive

8. Set display width of image

9. Edit app information without leaving publish screen

10. Better support for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawing

11. Revamp Add Element Interface

12. Support online image

13. Delete and duplicate multiple apps

14. Download files from Box

Monday, March 16, 2015

TouchAppViewer v1.2

New features:

1. Keep the same page when switching device from landscape to portrait, and vice versa.

2. iOS 8 Ready

3. Import app from Google Drive's folder

4. Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TouchAppCreator v2.5

New features:

1. Support iCloud Drive (for iOS 8 users)

2. Cut, copy and paste elements from page to page

3. Add audio for each image of slideshow element

4. Revamp Slideshow Element

5. Revamp Quiz Element

6. Show app thumbnail when selecting app

7. Sort apps by modified date

8. Revamp App List

9. Configure cloud services at one place

10. Scan QR code to get app link for importing

11. Import app from Google Drive's folder

12. Select video from Google Drive to generate public video link

13. Import multiple images or EPUB to generate new app quickly

14. Optimized for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus