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Google will discontinue web hosting support in Google Drive by August 31st, 2016. Please refer to this page: https://googleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com/2015/08/deprecating-web-hosting-support-in.html

We suggest you to distribute your app in the following ways:

1. TouchAppViewer
TouchAppCreator generates the zip file for distribution by default. First, TouchAppCreator uploads app zip file to any cloud storage. Your audience can download TouchAppViewer app (it is free) to import your app zip file.

2. Your web hosting server
TouchAppCreator uploads your app to your web server via FTP.

3. View app in browser
Your audience can unzip the file and double click the main page (index.html) to start your app using any browser.


Site44 is a new way to host your web app using your Dropbox folders. It can be used to replace Dropbox's Public Folder since this public folder is not available for new Dropbox users.

Steps to publish your mobile web app:

1. Go to http://www.site44.com to sign in using your Dropbox account.

2. Create web site using Site44, i.e. <your app name>.site44.com or your custom domain

3. Launch TouchAppCreator

4. Publish your app to the linked Dropbox folder, i.e. /Apps/site44/<your app name>.site44.com/

5. Go to  <your app name>.site44.com

Any great free web hosting services ?

TouchAppCreator replies on web hosting to publish your mobile web app. We would like to integrate any free web hosting with TouchAppCreator seamlessly. You will be appreciated to provide any free web hosting information for us. Our requirement of free web hosting is very simple: FREE and FTP support. Please send us email at gettouchappcreator@gmail.com with the following information:

1. URL of web hosting
2. FTP Server Settings (if you know)

Happy with creating your mobile web app !

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